Wife Pursuing Custody

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Wife Pursuing Custody

It appears that Usher's ex-wife is trying to pursue custody of their two children again via an incident in which their oldest almost suffered a near death accident. It just so happens that Usher is the one who has full custody and rightfully so after a bitter custody battle that was hashed out in a court of law.

Originally the ex-wife Tameka Foster alleged Usher was a absentee father in the children's lives however, the judge did not agree. Furthermore, she goes on to claim that he still continues to travel excessively while leaving the care of the children to third party caregivers.

First his son was in the care of his aunt and while swimming got stuck in the pool drain in which she was unable to get him out. It was also duly noted that the child was unattended while in the pool while in her care. Yes it was negligence on her part for not supervising the child while swimming but we don't know the whole story. Secondly he did not almost die from not being able to swim but rather being stuck in a pool drain.

Statistics showed that from 1999 through 2009 that out of the 94 cases of people being entrapped in pool drains Cheap Cigarettes For Sale Online, that 79 were injured and 12 resulted in death of which one of those was a 6 year old girl. Furthermore, there are laws in place now due to these previous cases that states, "swimming pools are required to have properly installed drain covers."

Playing the "devil's advocate" was it really the aunt's fault the child got stock in the pool drain? Could that not of happened even if she had been supervising him as neither would of been aware there was an issue and an incident was going to occur Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. It would seem that the pool did not have a properly installed drain cover whether that was from faulty workmanship when the pool was built or because it never had one on to begin with and nobody gave it a second thought Newport Cigarettes For Sale. The point is accidents happen and unfortunately sometimes someone or somebody gets hurt but that does not mean Usher should not have custody of his children.

As for his children being in the care of third party caregivers, this incident proves not as he was in the care of his aunt, a family member. Does Usher use third party caregivers? Probably so, they are called nannies and I'm sure that Usher has extensive background checks done or the agency he uses does. With so many careers requiring travel, nannies are on the increase and projected to grow fast through 2018. The reason people utilize nanny's is so their children can try to have a normal everyday consistency. Truthfully why would a person whose career requires travel want to bring their children and disrupt their childhood.

Therefore, just because Usher utilizes nanny's and travels excessively does not mean he should lose custody of his children. People do it every day Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes, go to work while their kids are with caregivers and we do not suggest they should lose custody of their children. People have to work to survive and support their children and who is Foster to judge her ex-husband Usher on this basis. I can almost bet there was time she left the children with caregivers as well.

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